About Cash for Cans

What is Cash for Cans?

Quite simply, you can get paid for your aluminium drink cans, helping you raise money – whether it’s for charity, a school project or yourself.

There are over 300 Cash for Cans centres across the UK, making it very easy to support good causes or raise personal funds.

Novelis Recycling set up the Cash for Cans programme in 1991. Since that time, we have helped many charities and good causes, as well as individuals, to raise valuable funds. 

All across the country, we work in partnership with independent recycling businesses, known as 'Network Members', to provide money to the public in exchange for their used aluminium cans.

What’s more, the Cash for Cans service offers the following additional benefits:

  • Recycling literature such as posters, leaflets and magnets        
  • Recycling boxes and bags to qualifying collector schemes
  • Reward Cards - our scheme for regular participants to earn gifts for collecting more cans            
  • National prize draw - twice a year (in conjunction with the reward card scheme)        
  • Seasonal promotions


Cans taken to businesses involved in the scheme are sorted and baled and then transported to the Used Beverage Can Recycling Plant at Warrington in Cheshire. This plant could recycle every single aluminium can sold every year for the forseeable future.

Together, Novelis, its network members and you the public make a real difference to aluminium can recycling in the UK.

Have a look round this section to find out how to get started, where to take your cans and how others have succeeded. And remember, if all the aluminium cans sold in the UK were recycled for cash, it would raise more than £90 million for collectors.