Think Cans is a project by global aluminium producer and recycler Novelis to help spread knowledge and understanding about aluminium can recycling.

Novelis produces high-quality aluminium sheet and foil products for a wide range of markets including automotive, transportation, packaging, construction and printing. Operating in 11 countries and with over 11,000 employees, Novelis produces an estimated 19 per cent of the world’s flat-rolled aluminium products.

Recycling is extremely important to Novelis, and because of this, the company has become the world leader in used aluminium beverage can recycling – recycling more than 42 billion cans every year.

Novelis has also recently launched Cantown, offering a digital, interactive recycling educational experience through Life of a Can. Created in partnership with Discovery Education in the United States, Cantown shows how recycling just one can makes a difference.

Novelis operates dedicated aluminium beverage can recycling plants on four continents, including in Warrington in the UK, and has recently opened the world’s largest aluminium recycling facility in Nachterstedt in Germany, which can process more than 400,000 tonnes of aluminium scrap every year.

Novelis is committed to developing and supporting aluminium collection programmes. That’s why it wants to spread the word about aluminium can recycling and show how easy it is to make new products out of old cans.

The company also helps local authorities, waste management companies, business owners and community enterprises to maximise the potential of the valuable aluminium they collect. Novelis Recycling offers advice and support on all aspects of setting up, running and marketing a successful aluminium can recycling scheme.

It’s not just cans that Novelis recycles. In the past few years, the company has been working with car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover to develop a closed-loop model for the automotive sector, recycling aluminium used in the car manufacturing process to make panels and other bits for new cars.

To find out more, visit www.novelisrecycling.co.uk