Outside the classroom

There are plenty of ways to continue learning about aluminium and recycling outside of the school, from museums and field trips to visits to recycling sites. 

Aluminium can reprocessor Novelis is actively involved in a number of projects to inform and educate children and the general public, which you can learn about below.

Explore outside the classroom

Cheshire: Catalyst Science Discovery Centre

The interactive, award-winning science museum offers an extensive, ‘hands-on’ education programme linking science, and in particular chemistry, to Key Stages 1-4. The programme includes ‘What a Waste’ – a 45-minute presentation in a 3D interactive cinema, which includes a ‘virtual plant tour’ of the Novelis aluminium can recycling plant. (www.catalyst.org.uk)

Midlands: Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum

The ‘Recycle It!’ exhibition at the award-winning science museum explores the surprising science behind domestic recycling, and includes interactive exhibits and workshops. An outreach education programme is also available. (www.thinktank.ac)

Local authority recycling programmes

Most local authorities run waste awareness and education projects and will often allow schools the opportunity to visit landfill sites and materials recycling operations, which shows children the link between their ‘rubbish’ and the local waste and recycling system, offering excellent reinforcement linked to the Think Cans resources. Many also have dedicated waste education teams and run schools programmes, often using Novelis’s resources, including ‘The Aluminium Can Recycling Loop’, as part of these education programmes. Contact your local authority for more information.

Waste management companies

Many waste management companies run programmes for schools based around local landfill or energy-from-waste operations, sometimes in conjunction with local authorities.