At school

Setting up a recycling scheme at school is a stimulating way for students to get hands-on experience of the benefits of recycling and to learn about the importance of protecting the environment.

Tips for getting started:

  • Contact your local cash from cans centre for help and advice. Often, they can supply posters and leaflets, and you may be eligible to receive a free start-up supply of recycling boxes and bags.
  • If there are no cash from cans centres nearby, contact your local authority for help and advice.
  • Announce the start of the scheme in school and at home. You can also ask pupils to collect aluminium cans at home and bring them into school for recycling.
  • Set up collection points for recycling – place containers close to vending machines, in canteens, and group recycling containers together. You might also want to install can crushers to make recycling fun and prevent bins from overflowing!
  • Make it fun! Recycling can be a vibrant part of your school activities and daily life. Why not hold special assemblies, and encourage staff to utilise our free teaching resources?
  • Communicate regularly with teachers, pupils and their families to remind them about the recycling scheme. Use notice boards, newsletters, the school website, letters home and word of mouth – shout about how well the scheme is doing!