At work

Championing recycling at work is great for business! It demonstrates to staff and customers your corporate social responsibility when it comes to a responsible approach to managing waste.

Recycling also helps your business comply with the legal requirement to pre-treat waste prior to disposal, can help reduce waste management costs, and can help you achieve ISO 14001 accreditation.

Tips for getting started:

  • Every Can Counts: Before you get started, visit the Every Can Counts website. Every Can Counts is a programme funded by the drink can manufacturing and recycling industries that helps businesses set up and promote recycling programmes. The programme offers help with finding a recycling service provider and provides communication resources, ranging from collection containers to promotional materials.
  • Plan your scheme: Work out how you're going to make recycling happen. Involve staff, cleaners, facilities management and contractors.
  • Communicate: Make sure you advertise the scheme through posters and leaflets. And communicate regularly with staff through notice boards, newsletters, intranet and email.
  • Work out where to put collection points. Consider installing can crushers to save space and prevent bins overflowing.
  • Recruit your recycling champions: Every successful workplace recycling programme needs a champion – or champions. These are the people who are committed to recycling and who will make sure it happens by encouraging colleagues to get involved.